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Last updated: 2021-03-24

This is my personal homepage. Some of my previous projects might redirect here if they were taken offline. I don't know if that's why you're here, though.

About me

Part of world map in low resolution marking the location of lake Mälaren.
Map from openstreetmap.org

Born in early 80's, grew up, live and work in places around lake Mälaren, including Stockholm. I travel to other places in Sweden and Europe at least once a year but haven't been outside of Europe, except via internet.

When I first thought of the nickname CoopDot, late 90's, it was actually not meant to be a name but became one during the 00's. Most of my acquaintances only know me by nickname, not that my legal name is secret in any way, it's just that my nickname is more searchable.

Contact me

These are some of the ways to contact me. Displayed in the order of formal to informal:

Postal address or telephone number
Ask me if you need them.
E-mail address
<coopdot@x-z.se> for unsolicited messages.
If I gave you another address, that address will have higher priority than this one.
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CoopDot on IRC-networks EFNet, OFTC and Freenode. Yes, I'm always on.
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